Measure Guide

When measuring curtains and tracks, it is important to remember that curtains are usually wider and longer than the window.

Think where you want the track to start and finish and the length of the curtains.

You can fix the track directly to the wall above the architrave or on the architrave itself.

In some cases there is no architrave and you wil need a top fixing track. Please mention this in the message box of the order form.

Have the D.I.Y measure form open in your web browser and a pen and paper to assist you.

Now we can begin measuring!


Track Length

  • To work out the Track Length measure the total width of your window (architrave to architrave).
  • Add 200-300mm per side. 250mm is standard. (This is so the curtains stack back off the window to maximise sunlight)


Curtain Drop

  • To figure out the Curtain Drop, you will first need to decide where your track will be mounted. We recommend 100mm above the top of the architrave.
  • Hold the tape measure 100mm above the architrave and run the tape to where you want the curtain to finish. We recommend either to the floor or 200mm below the window.


Single or Pair

  • Decide whether one curtain or a pair of curtains is best suited for your window. For example you may have a sliding door that you want to keep clear on one side or there may be no space for stacking the curtains due to adjacent walls or corners.


Repeat the process for each window.

Email if you have any queries or difficult windows (attach pictures)